This is Tomorrow Festival promotes the creative and cultural achievements of Newcastle, particularly Newcastle’s overlooked role in the birth of pop art. Pop art began in Britain in the mid-1950’s, spreading to America in the late 1950’s. Pop art was developed in response to political, cultural and social situations, ultimately to satirise and mock politics and materialistic ideas.


Richard Hamilton, who was a lecturer at Newcastle University from 1953-66, produced the first piece of pop art ‘Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so appealing?’ in 1956. The festival was inspired by a 1956 exhibition also titled This is Tomorrow, which was hosted in Whitechapel Gallery, London. The 1956 exhibition urged the beginning of a colourful pop art, which will be brought back to life at This is Tomorrow Festival, 2019.


Richard Hamilton has not only gave England a cultural success through pop art, but also Newcastle specifically – the home place to where pop art all began.



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